Any dorm rules I need to know?

In general, Japanese dorms are more restrictive than American dorms. Dorms tend to be all-male or all-female, and people of the opposite sex are not allowed into the student dorms. A dormitory manager oversees activities and operations. There are curfews for both male and female dorms.

Specific rules and hours for your dormitory will be included in the information you receive from KCP-Japan about your housing. Get to know them.

General rules:

  • Usually, shoes come off when you enter your dorm room, and you leave your shoes in a box just inside your room’s entrance. If your dorm has you switch your outside shoes to inside slippers at the outside entry, please follow their rule and keep your shoes-box inside the dorm’s entrance to switch your shoes.
  • The hallway is part of the common facility in the dorm, and it must be clear for emergencies, so don’t leave your shoes or other belongings outside the entrance to your room. They may be taken or thrown away.
  • When taking your luggage into your room, be very careful not to damage the floor by dragging bags across the floor. Please also be careful with furniture and other objects in the room.
  • Get to know the rules for entering and leaving, especially at night. Some dormitories have a name-board system.
  • If you are expecting a guest, tell the manager ahead of time. Usually, overnight guests are not allowed. People of the opposite sex are not allowed in the student dorms.
  • Keep the noise down. When listening to music in your room, please use headphones, particularly late at night.
  • Know and follow the dorm rules for smoking.
  • Separate trash as designated–usually burnable, non-burnable, and recyclable.
  • If your dorm has a shared kitchen, when you use it, please clean it up just as soon as you are done (or while cooking!), especially during prime meal-fixing times. You are responsible for bringing your own cooking utensils.
  • You will receive a key to your room. If you lose it, tell the manager immediately. You are responsible for the replacement cost.
  • Lock your room when you are out.
  • In Japan, people shut the rest room or shower door after leaving, so even when not in use, the door may be shut. Check by knocking.
  • If you or someone you know is sick, or there is a theft or fire, tell the manager immediately. Participate in any fire drills, but use the emergency exits only for emergencies.
  • The manager or other appropriate person may need to enter your room, for maintenance, inspection, and so on. Be prepared to admit entry.
  • Please do not borrow money from your fellow dorm residents. Lending money is rare in Japan unless it is a real emergency. Even so, it is considered extremely rude to ask.



When you are ready to leave the dorm, be sure to tell the manager what time you’ll be leaving. Clean the room thoroughly and return your room key. At checkout, your room is subject to inspection by the manager.


You’ll be asked to leave the dorm if you:

  • engage in organized political or religious activities
  • possess dangerous or explosive items
  • keep pets
  • gamble
  • cause trouble while drunk
  • fight or behave violently
  • disturb or harass other dorm residents
  • have guests without permission
  • break Japanese law.