The New York Bar, Park Hyatt Hotel, Japan.

Must Visit Places Around Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of the must-see places whenever visiting Tokyo. It is best known as an entertainment district in Japan’s bustling metropolis. Shinjuku has a number of attractions and places to see, shop, and  eat, up to the wee hours of the evening. Shinjuku is also one of the major economic hubs of Japan and has one of the busiest train stations in the world. Many people who come to Japan have Shinjuku in their bucket list as one of the places to see.

Golden Gai, Shinjuku, Japan.

Golden Gai, Shinjuku, Japan. | shiranai

KCP International Japanese Language School is located in a quiet neighborhood in Shinjuku, filled with smaller buildings and shops. The KCP campus is a five-minute walk from the Shinjuku Gyoenmae subway station (Marunouchi line), or a 10-minute walk from Shinjuku San-Chome station (Toei Shinjuku line)—an ideal location for your study abroad program in Tokyo.

Some places to visit in Shinjuku:

Golden Gai

Shinjuku gōruden-gai or Golden Gai is a small area famous for its six narrow alleys that are connected by even narrower passages just wide enough for a single person to pass through. There are more than 200 tiny bars, clubs and eateries that dot the Golden Gai alleys are made up of private roads. Golden Gai is like revisiting the “golden era” of Shinjuku where rich artists used to hang out. As picturesque as the alleyways are, taking photographs and videos are prohibited unless you are granted permission the area’s business promotion association.


Kabukicho is considered to be the notorious red light district and probably the brightest part of Tokyo with all the flashing lights. But besides the bars, restaurants and blinding lights, as you go farther away into the back streets, there are many unique and undiscovered shops and tiny neighborhood bars that are perfect for a relaxing nightcap. Kabuchiko is also a popular night photography spots for the dazzling light display. There’s always something to discover in Kabukicho!

The New York Bar, Park Hyatt Hotel, Japan.

The New York Bar, Park Hyatt Hotel, Japan. | Kent Wang

New York Bar at Park Hyatt Hotel

For any movie buff, Sofia Coppola’s 2003 classic “Lost in Traslantion” is for sure on your radar. You can’t have missed the scenes where a young and fresh Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray sip cocktails and exchange ambiguous remarks to make anyone blush. The New York Bar is known to have excellent live music, serve good drinks, and offers amazing views of Tokyo.

Shin-Okubo Station, Tokyo, Japan.

Shin-Okubo Station, Tokyo, Japan. | Iwao

Shin-Okubo Korea Town

Shin-Okubo was once an affordable neighborhood that became popular with Korean students and laborers in the 80’s that slowly grew to be Korea town with the largest Korean community in the country. It is popular for K-pop, Korean food and anything Korean. One of the more popular landmarks of the area is Okubo-dori, a shopping street close to the station and surrounding side streets lines with small shops selling Korean merchandise and food items.

Little Korea has also numerous markets and restaurants that have some unique after-hours entertainment. K-pop tunes are heard all around the place and there are numerous Korean-themed clubs and bars that make for an exciting night life in Shin-Okubo. Little Korea is truly a place worth visiting to experience the intermingling of Japanese and Korean cultures when visiting Japan.

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